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Missionday Prague

Final mission names, images and locations will be specified as soon as possible.

Mission Day brings together Agents from both factions to explore cities around the world through the lens of Ingress with unique and local adventures on foot.

Agents, we want to discover Prague on Saturday May 6th, 2017. In collaboration with the City of Prague we will provide you high quality missions to explore the city on foot together.

You need to complete at least 12 Missions for the Badge. Checkout the Missions!

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24 Missions across Prague are waiting to be discovered.
All Missions are created and tested by local Agents to ensure a great Mission Day experience.

  • Prague Castle
  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Hradčany
  • Wencelas Square
  • Old Town Square
  • Charles Bridge
  • Petřín Tower
  • Letohrádek Hvězda
  • Jan Žižka
  • Žižkov Tower
  • Prague Metronome
  • Church of St. Ludmila
  • George of Poděbrady Square
  • Basilica of St Peter and St Paul
  • St. Nicholas\' church
  • Powder Tower
  • Franciscan garden
  • National Theatre
  • Rudolfinum
  • Wallenstein garden
  • Emmaus
  • Břevnov monastery
  • Dancing house
  • Old-New synagogue

Data in Prague

Need a SIM card for your trip?
Here you can find the best offers!(Rates as of Feb. 2017)

O2 logo Vodafone Logo T-Mobile Logo

There are 3 main operators in Czech Republic. O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone. More detailed information can be found here.

  • O2

    O2 offers data-only prepaid card with 1.5 GB FUP for 299 CZK or 5 GB for 549 CZK. They are available in all O2 stores (locator).

  • T-Mobile

    Prepaid Card

    T-Mobile offers a data-only SIM called "Twist Online" intended for tablets and laptops. It is sold at their stores and Electron World, Tesco, Makro, CSZ, Comfor, Alza as well as some Czech post offices.
    • SIM-only: 200 CZK with the same credit
    This SIM doesn't have packages but the lowest default rate in the country at 0.40 CZK per MB (500 MB for 200 CZK).

    Contract Card

    You can close a contract for monthly payments (without duration commitment) and cancel it right away. Then you can add any of these data packages:

    • 1,5 GB for 349 CZK
    • 3,5 GB for 449 CZK
    • 10 GB for 649 CZK
    • 30 GB for 849 CZK
  • Vodafone

    A prepaid Czech Vodafone startup SIM cards cost 200 CZK and come with an equal amount of credit. The SIM is available in Vodafone stores (store locator) and kiosks. If you buy a SIM at the Vodafone store, you may activate any special service such as data right away. Activation of the SIM card can take up to 24 hours, but it is usually instant.

    Data packages

    You can sign up for a data option when you buy the SIM, but be sure not to use data until you get a confirmation SMS. The best way for signing up is at the store when you buy the SIM or online on the Self Care Center (which is available in English) here: Volume-based offers valid for a month:

    • 500 MB: 249 CZK
    • 1.5 GB: 349 CZK (next 1 GB for 99 CZK)
    • 4 GB: 519 CZK
    • 10 GB: 799 CZK
    • 20 GB: 1499 CZK (with unlimited calls)
    When data volume is used up and sufficient balance is available, data FUP is extended. Once a data plan is activated, it remains in effect for one month (till the end of a month with prepaid cards) and is renewed automatically until you cancel it yourself (if you have a credit balance). If you do not have enough credit at the time of renewal, your rate will automatically changed to the daily default rate.

    Offers for visitors

    Vodafone has prepaid solutions specifically for the needs of the visitors of the Czech Republic. Special stores for the Visitors SIM.

Public transport in Prague

Need to get around in Prague?
Here you can find all information about public transport!

DPP subway

There is quite good system of public transportaion (subway, tram and bus). You can use Google Maps for navigation, as it is using public trasportation information.


Prices for adults are as follow:

  • Short-term (30 min) - 24 CZK
  • Basic (90 min) - 32 CZK
  • 1 day (24 hrs) - 110 CZK
  • 3 days (72 hrs) - 310 CZK

All tickets have to be validated when you get on public transportation for the first time (look for yellow box at the entrances of subway or in trams and busses). More information can be found here

Transport to/from airport

You can get to and from airport using three busses:

  • Bus 100 - Goes to Zličín (subway B) in 15-20 minutes
  • Bus 119 - Goes to Veleslavín station (subway A) in 13-17 minutes
  • Bus AE - Goes to Main Train Station (subway C) in 30-50 minutes


Here are some maps for orientation and planning.

Parking in Prague

Do you travel by car and need to find a parking space?
Are you wondering how much this will cost you?

parking sign

Street Parking

There are three parking zones in the city center:

  • Orange: 2-hour parking with a meter, 40 CZK per hour, in effect 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Green: 6-hour parking with a meter, 30 CZK per hour, in effect 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Blue: long-term parking for residents and businesses; non-residents are not allowed to park in blue zones

Shopping centers

There are better chances to find a spot in shopping centes and their garages. They are usually paid. More information can be found here.

For example:

Palladium Shopping Center
Entrance from Revoluční Street
Location: Republic Square, right at subway line B, 10-min. walk from Old Town Square.
Opening hours: Nonstop
Price: 50 CZK per hour for the first two hours, then 40 CZK per hour, 700 CZK for 24 hours

Park & Ride Parking Lots

Unless you have to drive and park in the city center, you will be better off leaving your car at a guarded parking lot on the outskirts. Park & Ride (P+R) lots are located at many metro stations outside of the city center, e.g. at Skalka, Zličín, Nové Butovice, Opatov, Chodov, Ládví, Rajská zahrada, Černý most, Palmovka, Nádraží Holešovice. The purpose of these lots is to encourage people to take public transportation and improve the bad traffic situation in the center. The lots are guarded and cost only 20 CZK (0.80 EUR) for the day (4 a.m. - 1 a.m.), plus the cost of a public transport ticket. They open at 4 a.m. and close with the last metro around 1 a.m. If you do not pick up your car before the lot closes and leave it parked there overnight, you will be charged a penalty of 100 CZK. The map of P+R parkinng lots is shown on the Prague subway map.

Stay in Prague

Need an accomodation?
Here you can find helpfull information for your stay!


When you are looking for an accomodation in Prague, you have more options where to stay. In Prague, there are many hotels or hostels, which you can find on the internet. If you want to stay in hotel, you will have comfortable room, maybe there will be some swimming pool, breakfast or dinner and good service. In hostel, you can also find some separated rooms, but the most ussual room in hostel, is called "dorm". What doest it means? You will share your room and have a wonderfull night with other 10 people (maybe more if you are lucky). They could be quiet, or maybe not.... When you are looking for an accomodation, you would have to decide, if you want to be in a city center, or its not difficult for you to take public transport to get there. Of yourse, in city center, the prices are higher, and you can find some lowcost hotel, with subway station nearby. The best option is to find hotel with bed and breakfast. Because you can always have some lunch or dinner in center, but breakfast is ussually delicious in hotels. So when you want to search some hotel in Prague, try to look on websites booking.com, or trivago.com. There you can search hotels with or without meals, swimming pools etc. Always look on map, where the hotel is situated. The last thing we want to tell you, is dont book immediately hotel online. Always try to send an e-mail to hotel, and try to ask for a price. Because sometimes hotel directly could offer you better price, than booking or trivago. But its good for reading feedbacks from other visitors.

Banners in Prague

Are you interested in banners?
You can use ingressmosaik.com or ingressbanners.com to search for mission Banners. Here are some examples.

Prague Orloj

Prague town hall was founded in 1338, based on the privileges granted to the Old Town townsmen by the King John of Luxembourg. It consists of several buildings adjacent to the Old Town Square.

There are 72 mission in this banner. First mission starts at Prague Orloj at Old Town Square.

Orloj Banner

Codex Gigas

Codex Gigas is the largest manuscript in the world. It was probably written in the early 13th century. It contains a Latin version of the Bible, and is especially notable for its representation of the devil, shown here. The banner takes you through the old town of Prague, as well as across the river on the Charles Bridge, before returning to the start point.

There are 60 mission in this banner. First mission starts at the lower end of Wenceslas Square.

Gigas Banner


Short walk through the center of Prague and the famous Charles Bridge

There are 18 mission in this banner. First mission starts at the upper end end of Wenceslas Square.

Prague Banner

Beauty of Prague

This series of missions will guide you through most of the beautifull places in Prague, including beautifull views of Prague from 3 big hills.

There are 24 mission in this banner. First mission starts at the upper end of Wenceslas Square.

Beauty Banner

Timetable Mission Day: Prague

This is our timetable & location overview. Click on the locations to open Gmaps

When? What?
10:00 - 11:00 Meetup & swag pick up
Riegrovy Sady
11:00 Group Photo
Riegrovy Sady
14:00 - 20:00 Scanner Check
Letná Beer Garden
20:00 - 22:00 Cross Faction After Party
Letná Beer Garden